Gray Advisory Services ® is a company wich works along with garments industry around the world providing consulting on sustainable business and supply chain; workshops, coaching, conferences and custom training. Educational institutions, art societies and the research community - primarily in the fashion and textile sector - have commissioned consultancy services from Gray Ethical Fashion Advisory.

Paula Gray has more than 15 years of experience on the field of Sustainable Industry, with values like Fair Trade and Sustainable process redefining the environment in fashion industry, finance, expertise, CSR, Sustainable Environmental Development, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, and fashion marketing. Paula is a committed global networker and team leader, with vocational service.

The services we offer works at the forefront of the social, ecological and economic agenda; designing ways to foster change towards sustainability. To discuss a project or learn more about the services  please e mail us. (We able to work on small short projects or on large, long term; bespoke curations, seminars, expert research services, workshops, courses, speeches. Our client list includes large multinationals organisations, small businesses, NGOs, designer makers and non-profit groups).

Principal Services

  1. Workshops.

  2. Coaching.

  3. Training.

  4. Introduction to Ethical Fashion. (Long distance training for beginners)

  5. Consultory. (Custom plans and Standard Key Procces)

  6. Implementation and sinergy.

  7. Advisory

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